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Jun Mochizuki artworks [Pandora Hearts] ~odds and ends~

coverI just got this very pretty artbook this morning.  It was released in Japan 9/28/2009.   It comes encased in a black hardcover slipcase.  Inside is a thick book with a regular dust cover.  The book itself is very thick.  Color pages make up the majority of the book, with a sketch section in the back and a section dedicated to Crimson Shell.  I’m pretty sure there are at least 80-90 colored illustrations, so I’m guessing the colored page count is more than 100 since there are spreads.  It has some pages with simple cutouts too, like that page with the cross.  Very innovative for an artbook.  The artwork is printed on thick glossy paper.  I got my fingerprints on the glossy black pages though when I was flipping through and bending the spine and flattening the book for scanning.

List price without tax: 2667 yen
ISBN: 978-4-7575-2674-7
Published by Square Enix


Zero Sum color pages + Dolls 55

I scanned these from the last two issues of Zero Sum. 

These are from the 07 Ghost animation booklet that came with the September issue.

[saachan]07-Ghost_0002 copy [saachan]07-Ghost_0003 copy [saachan]07-Ghost_0004 copy [saachan]07-Ghost_0001 copy

Other misc stuff from Sept and Oct issues.

[saachan]07-Ghost_0005 copy [saachan]10-2009_0003 copy [saachan]zerosum10-09_0002 copy [saachan]zerosum10-09_0004 copy [saachan]zerosum10-09_0005 copy [saachan]zerosum10-09_0006 copy [saachan]zerosum10-09_0007 copy

Last but not least, I scanned Dolls c55 from Zero Sum Oct issue.  I had a friend check over the page order, and I got it right~ >:D

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Zero Sum 10/2009 releases

I got my October issue of Zero Sum today :D  I don’t have time to scan everything, so I picked out some series and scanned them first.  Dunno if I’ll scan other series :3  I may scan them eventually, not anytime this week though.

== 07 Ghost c51==  yeah… it’s another Kapitel 51 :3  I named it c51b

== Karneval c25 == color pages :D

== Di[e]ce c29 ==

== Loveless == I have no idea what chapter this is… couldn’t find it on any of the pages :x

== Are you Alice c04 ==

I was scanning Dolls… then I somehow lost my page order (all loose leaflets since I debinded to scan)… I think I’ll give up on it.