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Saiunkoku Monogatari Illustrations artbook

Just got my package today, and I decided to scan a few pages before I get too buried with work and stuff.  This artbook has about 70-80 color pages with full page illustrations.  I think it includes all the artwork draw for the novel.  There’s a section with black and white novel illustrations, 4 to a page.  A very solid buy in my opinion.  The paper used is very thick :D  The cover is very thick too and has a cotton paper/construction paper feel to it.  Anyway, click on the thumbs to enlarge as always~ I’ll try to do a better review on it when I have more time :3

saiunkoku_manga_artbook_0001-copy saiunkoku_manga_artbook_0002-copy saiunkoku_manga_artbook_0004-copy saiunkoku_manga_artbook_0005-copy saiunkoku_manga_artbook_0006-copy saiunkoku_manga_artbook_0007-copy saiunkoku_manga_artbook_0008-copy saiunkoku_manga_artbook_0009-copy saiunkoku_manga_artbook_0003-copy

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