Archive for February 18th, 2008

Gallery update

Added the pita-ten artbook, hana kimi artbook, and fruits basket artbook scans to the gallery.  All 3 are very good buys in my opinion.  These are large sized artbooks, and I like the illustration selections inside.  I have the US version of the Pita-ten artbook and the Hana Kimi artbook.  Both are pretty high quality artbooks, hardcover, and the price was reasonable at $19.99 each (maybe they were 21.99, don’t remember XD).  The furuba artbook is softcover, with a vellum cover, which is really pretty~

The hana kimi artbook was scanned by sasmira.  I don’t know who scanned the other two.  Not going to be scanning my copies since there are already high resolution scans around.